German Open 2024

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 III. German Open 2024


The DTEV invites you to the III. German Open in table ice hockey!

Lahr will be the venue for the German Open 2024 for the third time.  We wish all participants a good and safe journey and look forward to exciting games! Stay healthy!



The International Table Hockey Federation rules and ITHF-Tournaments Rules will be used.

Live-Results on Saturday!



Date: 04.05.2024  
Start: 09:30 Uhr  
Entry fee: - Open: 10,00€

Venue: Schutterlindenberg-Schule

Dinglinger Hauptstraße 65
77933 Lahr/Schw.


- Subject to change and unforeseen events -          [TOP]

Planned schedule: 08:00 - 09:00

Registration and welcome

  09:30 -
Qualification round  
Lunch break: 12:00 -
Lunch break

  13:00 -
ca. 15:00

Games in Divisions  
Play-Offs: ca 15:30 1/8 Final Final group (Best-Of-7)  
  ca 16:30 1/4 Final (Best-Of-7)  
  ca 17:30 1/2 Final (Best-Of-7)

  ca 18:30 Final (Best-Of-7)
Match for 3rd place (Best-Of-5)

  ca 19:30


Award ceremony (The winner of the tournament receives the cup, medals for the best junior, woman, veteran & superveteran)

End of tournament
Chill-Out-And-Relax: afterwards The "4th third" will take place at the China Restaurant "Mayflower" (Tramplerstr. 75, 77933 Lahr)  

Important notes on the procedure::
Games: Stiga Play Off 21 Serie
Insurance: responsibility of the participants. The organiser and DTEV accept no liability.
Will be announced in good time before the start of the tournament.





You want to register for the German Open 2024, you're welcome!



With my participation I am aware that my result will appear on the website (world ranking list), my result may also appear on the internet platform, my result may be recorded in the internet system "Scorpion" during the tournament, my result may be statistically recorded in "ELO Ranking" and the organiser may inform all participants of the tournament of the result in writing.

Registration until 28.04.2024 23:59


Route description


Travel by public transport:

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Public transport in Lahr:
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Alternatively, you can also find your way this way:

  • All participants can travel via the A5 Karlsruhe towards Basel, exit Lahr or by train via Offenburg with a change of train to Lahr.

Participants [Status: 06.04.2024]



    Rank   Name Club Points
1   2   Evgeniy Matantsev THC Nertus 744
2   15   Martin Madera THC Stiga Elites 661
3   54   Gints Lasmanis Skrunda THC 611
4   62   Anze Bozic NHK Kranj 583
5   63   Hanna Ivantsova THC Nertus 554
6   88   Valentin Dietze TEHC Black Forest Werewolves 514
7   102   Mykhaylo Shalomayev TEHC Black Forest Werewolves 474
8   141   Nejc Skrlep NHK Kranj 443
9   166   Hermann Petuch TEHC Black Forest Werewolves 418
10   240   Ralph Pommerenke TEHC Black Forest Werewolves 403
11   259   Frank Bruneske "Classic Brunske" Schlicktown Arctic Veteranos 382
12   341   Artem Tseluiko THC Nertus 365
13   366   Christian Dunnink "Hermd" Kaeltestarre 83 350
14   373   Frank Rasche Feringer Feinmotoriker 333
15   374   Micael Borgh Schlicktown Arctic Veteranos 293
16   393   Eike Rompa "Fury" Schlicktown Arctic Veteranos 244
17   404   Johannes Brunner Feringer Feinmotoriker 181
18   956   Felix Waldmann TEC Gutenberg 116
19   967   Max Richter "Madmax" Schlicktown Arctic Veteranos 77
20   1234   Gerhard Brunner Feringer Feinmotoriker 46
21   1654   Mauro Henz ??? 34
22   2000   Paco Henz ??? 21
23   3717   Werner Henz ??? 1

Points are the WR-Points you get for this rank. Without guarantee!



Hotel am Westend, Schwarzwaldstraße 97, 77933 Lahr/Schwarzwald

If you would like to stay there, you can book a room at +49-7821-95040 or contact and ask about rooms and prices etc.

Otherwise, just have a look [here] or [here].